40 days of Great Lent

Last year was not the best for many of us, so we thought, instead of giving something up coffee again, do good and be good to others and be more good to yourself for the next 40 days!

1. Eat an extra fruit or veg a day.
2. Do more exercises - whether extra one a week or extra plank.
3. When you go for a walk, do more steps, even if it is an extra 100!
4. Say 'thank you' more often to others.
5. Remind yourself daily what you are grateful for today.
6. We all should drink more water - so pour yourself a glass!
7. Text your loved ones you love them or better still - give them a call.
8. Be more compassionate and kind to others.
9. Help our planet - eat less meat.
10. Share a recipe with a friend and bake together on Zoom.
11. When purchasing, think small business first, it means a lot to them.
12. Treat yourself to a something you have been putting off for a long time, even if it is a bunch of flowers or a new book you have been meaning to buy.
13. Let someone before you in the queue. You will make their day!
14. Pay a compliment.
15. Share good news with you friends.
16. Send a kind message - 'Good morning and wish them a great day'.
17. Look after yourself - instead of sitting on a sofa for 30min watching TV, spring clean for 30min.
18. Be positive with your messages to yourself - instead of saying I must/ need/ should - 'tidy up, exercise, do the washing up', say - I deserve a clean house, I deserve to boost my health with a workout/ walk in the park, I deserve a healthy meal tonight etc.
19. Give yourself time to switch off. Try meditating even if just for 1 minute - find a quiet and peaceful spot, close your eyes, clear your thoughts, think of nothing and just be. You will feel refreshed!
20. Clear your inbox and unsubscribe of things you never open.
21. De-clutter your home. It is a known fact, clutter doesn't make you happy, clear home - clear mind.
22. Do gardening! To watch your seeds or plants grow - really lifts your mood and helps mental well-being.
23. Try new things - whether it is a new vegetable, or vegan alternative.
24. Give yourself a break and don't be hard on yourself. You will do better next time!
25. Smile more - it is good for your wellbeing, and it is infectious too.
26. Have always seen the sunset but never the sunrise? Set your alarm and meet the beautiful day in a serenity.
27. Give a donation. Whether it is donating clothing to local charities or giving toys to animal charities, or donate justgiving'.
28. Read more books.
29. Be creative. Always like to doodle or cut outs or woodcarving? But never have time? Put the time in your diary - 20min of 'me time'. Your deserve it.
30. Ride a bicycle with your family.
31. Sleep 8 hours. Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Feel re-freshed.
32. Cook from scratch.
33. Go hiking.
34. Book tickets whether to the theatre or an event well in advance, looking forward to something helps mental wellbeing.
35. Do something fun today - craft ideas are out there, just look them up, even if it is drawing a smiley face and hang it on the fridge. 
36. Take some seeds or bread and feed swans, ducks in your local park.
37. Call your friend and ask them how they are.
38. Be good to yourself and planet - recycle more, eat seasonal and good food, where possible avoid packaging.
39. Spend more time with a family, play board games, make crafts.
40. Learn more - plenty of free courses and trainings and just information on any general knowledge online!

And most importantly, enjoy and have fun!