A Greener Future - The London Design Festival 14th - 22nd September

The Greenwich Galleries and Designer Makers at Greenwich Market showcase art and design works that highlight paths to A Greener Future. Innovative techniques and thought-provoking content make for interesting viewing.

Visit Arty Globe, Tailor & Forge, M1Art, Ben Oakley Gallery and more on The Green Route for inspiring viewing and shopping  

“Being green and making informed purchases is no longer a ‘trend’, it is fast becoming a necessity as we approach, in our view and many others, a climate crisis. As a retailer, we feel we have a responsibility to offer products to our customers that are ethically produced a well as sustainable. In response to demand, design houses are embracing sustainable design concepts and are using materials which naturally merge ethics and beauty together." Tailor & Forge

 Image: Our_Wonderful_Planet_by_Hartwig_Braun

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