How to support small businesses


You might be aware that 90% of businesses are categorised as small businesses.  Greenwich, being the largest borough in London, has a large number of them.  They boost the economy, promote creativity, help employment and offer something different. It could be your local coffee shop, market trader, art store, take-away or many other options.  By supporting local business you support your local community.

So how can you help?  Buy items from them? Yes of course!’ But there are other ways too:

Word of mouth is helpful. If you know a good small business tell your friends, family and colleagues about it.

Better still, write a review. Consider rating a business on Google or TripAdvisor. More people may be encouraged to visit and shop there.

Use social media. Follow and like your favourite small business. Write positive comments and share posts with your friends. These simple little things can be overlooked but mean a lot to any independent business. 

Sign up to their newsletters. It is a great way to keep up with news. Forward to your family and friends which is much easier than remembering to show them the website link or mention next time you speak.

Go on, write a Google review for your favourite local shop now!

Shop Local. Support Small Businesses. Stay Safe.