Meet the new Trader

Greenwich Market will be introducing to you our new and regular traders, their interesting stories and what they love about the area and the market. Next time you are in the market, pop by, say 'Hi' and definitely try them out!

Meet our new Trader - Aman, Chai Junction London

Aman sells amazing chais, a variety of 8 different flavours, authentic and freshly grounded. A fantastic way to try a different flavour each time you are visiting the Market.

What is chai do you ask? It is a tea made by boiling black tea in milk with added water, a mix of aromatic herbs and spices and sugar. Country of origin - India.


Here what Aman has told us:


What has prompt you to start your business?

I love chai, I have tried a few in different markets, but I have my favourites, and it is hard to find them in London. Everyone loves a great cuppa, it brings families and friends together. It is very comforting, and with extra spices - it is even more delicious!

Drinking tea is a very British thing, with Brits drinking over 100 million cups of tea a day, it was a non-brainer to introduce chai with its varieties of infusions and flavours to the public.

How long have you been trading now? 

I only started last week Thursday (3rd June 2021), but wanted to start last year, and ofc course, lockdown happened, and I had to postpone my plans. It gave me more time to think of my business thoroughly from branding and marketing to a variety of flavours.

Why did you choose Greenwich Market? 

I love Greenwich Market for its village-feel, it is diverse, multicultural and a very friendly market and an amazing place to meet great people, and a supportive community. Greenwich area is really nice, so much history and attractions, and I love being part of it.

Where do you live?

I live in Leyton, North East London.


What flavours of chai do you offer? 

I offer 5, wait a second ... (counts all chais looking at his signage) - 8, I offer 8 flavours! (laughs)

Masala Chai - authentic flavour of traditional chai spices

Vegan Chai - Masala Chai with oat milk

Kadak Chai - aromatic brewed Chai with freshly grounded cardamom. Choose - 

with Saffron

with freshly grounded Ginger

with freshly grounded Cinnamon

Cocoa Chai - unique chai blend with Cocoa

Kashmiri Chai - naturally pink Chai served with Almonds and Pistachios


What is everyone's favourite flavour?

       Masala is a clear winner! And it is my favourite too.


Do you have strange request from customers? 

       Well, yes, customers ask for a cup of black tea! 


What do you like about trading in Greenwich Market?

The customers have been really supportive, the market traders and the management made us feel welcomed and it has been a positive experience!


How do you feel about future (post-Covid-19)?

I must say, I feel very optimistic, things are definitely looking brighter and I hope it will be a great year!


What stall would you suggest trying to visitors/ your customers?

I love Ethiopian Vegan food. Healthy, tasty and nutritious. 



Find Aman, Chai Junction London, inside the Market Monday - Friday.