Handknitted Clothing for Children - Timeless, Practical and Unique

At the market
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We have been hand knitting childrens clothing for many years. Our knitwear is unique, practical and timeless. We use a variety of wools and try to recycle yarns whenever possible to produce varied designs of practical knitwear. We have been mainly trading at Greenwich market for the last fourteen years and craft fairs when possible.

The range includes cardigans, dresses, jumpers, hats and scarves made from various yarn outlets also some organic cotton, bamboo, soya and wool.

Each garment is unique and no two pieces are ever the same. Inspiration comes from personal creativity bringing vintage and adding a modern twist to traditional designs. Everything is hand knitted by mums that used to knit for their children when they were little. Knitting is a great traditional craft that they would like to see revive.

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