Chai Junction Ltd

Fresh and Hot Kathi Rolls and Chai (From India)

At the market
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
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Our different Kathi rolls & variety Chai (Tea) represent one of  the aunthentic cuisines significantly from India. All ingredients are meticulously mixed & prepared to offer the best of the taste. The Kathi rolls are served hot & fresh with a crisp coating of beaten eggs (*optional), home-made mint and coriander chutney and tamarind sauce added with freshly cut Lettuce, tomatoes, coriander &and pickled onions, with a  little squeeze of lime to maintain the uniqueness of Kathi rolls taste and quality.

Menu includes Paneer roll (Indian Cottage Cheese), Chicken roll, Chana roll (chick peas), Egg roll & Lamb Seekh roll with a side of in-house made masala chips or wedges.

The variety of Chai (Tea) is freshly brewed together with different spices like nutmeg, green cardamoms, cinnamon and black cardamoms which offers exhilarating experience to tea lovers in all seasons. We offer Masala Cea, Kadak Chai and Vegan Chai.

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