Da Fish Ting

The best soft shell crab burger in the UK

At the market
Saturday, Sunday
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DA FISH TING is the iconic and vibrant British & Pan Asian inspired street food born in London in 2017 serving soft shell crabs & fish burgers, the best gluten free fish & chips, and the "DFT Signature” buttermilk cod fingers.


​We buy all our seafood products from responsibly managed fisheries that have a minimal impact upon the wider marine environment. Our seafood is caught, sustainable & traceable.


We're focused on waste prevention that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles. All our food containers are compostable and biodegradable and we work closely with our suppliers to ensure plastic-free delivery options whenever available.


Rich and buttery charcoal brioche buns are sturdy enough to support our fish burgers and soft enough for the perfect bite, the organic charcoal really helps to bring your DFT burger to the next level.

SOFT sheLl crabs

Also called "Moeca" or "Chiguatos", Soft Crabs are crabs which have shed their hard outer shell.

Our Soft Shell Crabs farmed in Thailand and Bangladesh are supplied from responsibly producers holding EU establishment registration. Traceability data are available.

HousE kImCHI

Our home-made Kimchi it's made entirely by organic vegetables and premium fish sauce.

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