Glass Constructions

Flattened bottles and fused glass by Dorothy and Nigel Dernley

At the market
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Glass Constructions, Dorothy and Nigel, have been working with glass since 1991, at first painting or producing stained glass items.  They also have started working with warm glass. This involves heating glass to the soft stage, around 820°C, when layers of glass will fuse together. The flat sheet of glass that is produced can be used for coasters, cheese or cake boards, wall plaques or included in stained glass windows. In addition, the flat glass can be reheated, at a lower temperature, and slumped into a mould to produce dishes, bowls, or other three- dimensional items. When cool these are tough and versatile items to grace any household, but they keep the essential beauty of glass and by the very nature of the production process are unique.

Other products they make, using similar techniques, are flattened bottle clocks, for which we have a separate page, and dichroic coated glass pendants and earrings. This eye-catching jewellery makes wonderful presents for anyone.

Dorothy has developed a range of coasters, with subjects such as flowers, hearts, faces, trees, fish, beach huts, random patterns, and others. All are individual and not repeated.

We also make some with copper foils cutouts of hearts, butterflies, dragonflies, stars etc. The shapes are a deep burnt red colour as the copper changes colour with the heat.

As each item is unique a general description only will have to suffice, much as woodturners can never duplicate the grain in their bowls.

The range of items is extensive, because the patterns, sizes and colours vary widely, so the best way to see them is to visit their stall in Greenwich Market.

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