Handmade by Sue Jenkins

Hand-knits children’s clothes and soy wax ‘tea-lights’ in antique cups.

At the market
Wednesday, Friday
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There are two sides to Sue’s work at Greenwich Market, both centred around her love of natural products and recycling.

She designs and hand-knits children’s clothes inspired by the 1940s & 50s, working with organic cotton, milk fiber, virgin wool, linen, silk and alpaca. If it feels good in her hands while knitting, she knows it will feel good against a child’s delicate skin.

Her other passion is soy wax ‘tea-lights’ in vintage and antique cups and jugs.

She sources pretty and collectable china, fills it with clean-burning, long–lasting, eco-friendly soy wax candles, scented with pure essential oils… you can enjoy the candle knowing that it will not damage the china, and then you can use the cup or jug for its original purpose, use it as a display piece, or have a refill… recycling at its best!

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