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I grew up in South East London during the 1980s and 1990s watching cartoons and Sci-Fi. Art in some form has always been a major part of my life. I would spend hours drawing and sketching the characters and machines out of comic books. In Secondary school, my interest deepened as I discovered Surrealism, Pop Art and the Avent Garde, while studying Art at GCSE and then at A level. Then when I was 17, I got the chance to do it for real when I was accepted on a six week apprenticeship in ceramics in 1996. I was hooked and I knew I needed to do something creative with my life!

In 1997, I met my wife and found her religion and culture enthralling, I learned as much as I could. Then in 1998, at Peckham Mosque, with the words of the shahada I accepted Islam as my new faith. 

This opened a new world of creativity to me and I began to produce work that attempted to fused both cultures. So, through art I began to explore my new life as a British Muslim. I found out that I could no longer draw people or animals as a practicing muslim so I began to dabble with the concept of fusing Celtic Knotwork and Islamic Geometry.

Throughout this artistic journey I have met many exceptional artists who continue to inspire me. Farah Soobhan and Teakster to name a few. I am honoured to have exhibited alongside them across the country and honoured to be forging a new standard of British Islamic art with them.

Today, I am a Design & Technology Teacher working in a local Secondary School. I feel very privileged to help and guide our young people to develop an understanding of Art, Design, and technology while at the same time showing them how to turn their ideas into reality. The younger generation never ceases to amaze me with their enthusiasm and creativity.

I practice my art and teaching career side by side. My work has grown into a reflection of my faith and my fascination of science, astronomy, and a love of the natural world. I primarily work with acrylic on canvas, painting Landscapes, landmarks, and space. My paintings explore the relationship between humanity and nature. Fuelled by a desire to explore our place in the universe, filtered through my understanding of the teachings of the Quran. Art has become the way I process the world around me. Join me on this journey of discovery.

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