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Patricia was a day-care provider in a very busy part of London. She was a kindly lady who would go above and beyond to try and enhance the lives of the children she looked after. Coming from a humble background, her stories of travel would ignite a yearning for adventure and exploration in one particular boy.

It was many years later that this boy (now a young man) would have the opportunity to visit one such place himself and, as a gesture of gratitude, decided he would bring her back a gift.

The gift was of course 3 perfumes that distinctly represented the pastoral town of Grasse, South of France (commonly known as the global capital of perfumery), a place that he could remember the kind lady saying she had revelled in all of those years ago. He also brought her back a collection of postcards and memorabilia.>br> 
Needless to say, on receiving these small gifts, Patricia was overcome with emotion. Smelling these perfumes and reading about a town she had once loved allowed her to relive her previous joy for a fleeting moment. 

This was the birth of ‘The Grasse Collection’ and a pivotal point in the creation of Magma London. 

The foundation was set for a home fragrance brand that delivers not only beautiful collections of scents from around the world, but a snapshot of the culture and human experience that comes with it. 

It is now our ultimate goal to bring this same experience to as many households around the world as we possibly can. Keep your eyes (and noses) open for our new collections of signature fragrances which will be hand-picked from areas around the world renowned for their historical influence on the perfume world as we know it.

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