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Wood-turned creations.

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Mark Weston Lewis grew up in London, a city that creatively inspired him from an early age. Feeling a strong appreciation for Art works and collectable pieces, he made a career in the Auctioning world, working at an Auction House in London valuing Arts and antiques. After fifteen years surrounded by precious pieces, he felt the need to do something creative himself, and so he decided to pursue further education and became a Landscape Architect, job that saw him grow into the Artist he is today. Throughout those years he developed a passion for nature and for the natural elements involved in traditional crafts and sculpture, in particular wood. So he followed his passion and decided to become a wood craftsmen and move to Devon, where the surrounding nature would give him the resources and inspiration required to thrive.

Mark works from his studio in Modbury, where he produces wooden bowls and vases using locally materials. Over the years, he has established a network of relationships with nearby land owners to supply him with beautiful local wood. Mark is also very passionate about and involved in the process of conservation of the local woodlands, so wherever a tree needs to be removed, he has actively helped planting a new one.

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