Ocean Photo

Producing canvas printsfrom individuals' photos and prints.

At the market
Saturday, Sunday
07595 346 296 Web site

Ocean Photo Services has been operating for 12 years in the Medway towns, Kent and London. Ocean Photo Services delivers products that are unique and have a wide market appeal.

Prior to starting Ocean Photo Services I owned a Photographic Company.
This company operated Photographic concessions on board cruise ships.
During the summer months these ships cruised primarily around the Mediterranean and Greek islands.

In the winter months the ships cruised the Caribbean, Tenerife, Madeira and Morocco. After working in the industry for 8 years I decided to sell my interests and start a land based Photographic company .
You can also book a photo shoot with my mobile studio.
An appointment is arranged (no sitting fee - the price of the canvas/prints is all you pay for) choose from the shoot on my wide screen lap top, you then decide the canvas size.

Of course I am a photographer first, if you require your photos as normal prints then thats perfectly acceptable.
I currently have a permanent stall at Greenwich Market advertising, Wedding, Family Photo shoots and canvas printing.
I also sell my Panoramic and Planet prints in limited edition numbered and signed frames

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