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Beginning in the 15th century, when Portugal dominated international trade channels, such as the spice trade, and the colonial sugar business flourished, nuns and monks in the country were the forerunners of the nation's sweets. The Jerónimos Monastery at Santa Maria de Belem's monks are credited with creating the pastel de nata in the 18th century. At the period, it was customary to starch the habits of nuns using egg whites, which naturally left the monks with a surplus of yolks.  Also, our Traditional Doughnuts has different fillings like traditional custard, Nutella and Jam. For maximum sweetness, regular sugar is also sprinkled on top. Apart from the well known traditional treats, we offer a variety of different pastries as Jesuítas, Russo and tarts.

There are a few varieties available nowadays, including Bola de Berlim with Nutella or Jam. 

Portuguese Treats is ready to bring you all these historical flavours!

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