Sam Warr Photography

Photography from around the Manor

At the market
Saturday, Sunday
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Sam is a new arrival on the London photography scene, with a deep passion for developing a portfolio of pictures in and around the capital. It began 5 years ago when he took a job as a cycle courier. This work presents him with a fascinating range of close encounters on a daily basis. The subject matter of his photos ranges from the well known, through the vaguely familiar, to the totally unexpected – all of which are being constantly re-discovered, and literally re-viewed, from new angles and fresh perspectives.

In addition to his London based work, he is a regular visitor to his second home, Ramsgate. Here, luscious sea and sky-scapes replace the sharp-lined features of the urban landscape. Although the majority of his work is focused on shape and form, he has a growing library of personal pictures featuring friends, family and pets.­­­

Sam is happy to discuss commissions for individual projects or assignments and is willing to customise existing pictures to meet different preferences for size, style and setting.

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