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I am a UK based designer, living in London and one of my main commitments in the artistic world was attending the Embroiderer’s Guild at Blackheath, due to other commitments I have not had the opportunity to connect with them in 2016. I studied for my FDA (Foundation Degree) at The University of the Arts London, where I completed my Design & Technology, Fashion Embroidery pathway, otherwise known as surface textiles.

The philosophy off Samines is to speak beauty over the flowers, so when a woman wears a piece she steps into her identity as a woman, I have seen countless women change when they wear one of my pieces and this pushes me on to create new stock. 

I have had continual listings with Etsy and have already sold one bracelet through Etsy and yes I know that it is not registered on the shop, the bracelet was sold to a friend and I realised after selling the bracelet to her that she needed to have purchased the piece through Etsy, instead I took the piece down and sold it to her privately.

I have a very good eye for colour, which is evident in all the work that I create. I have noticed that I come alive when I am creating in some form of sewing and I often laugh with delight at the outcome.

With the development of Samines, I have been making products to sell to members of the public through two retailers Wears London in Greenwich Market, selling the bracelets and SE Storehouses in Peckham London also selling bracelets, table flowers to put onto napkins for lunch and dinner and hair bands with feathers.

Techniques that are used, searing satin, sewing buttons or beads, wire work wrapped buttons or beads and machine embroidery.

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