Traditional handmade homewares, accessories and gifts from Sri Lanka.

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Welcome to Serendip Crafts, where you can find a range of handmade arts and homewares from Sri Lanka.

The owner Sarah lived in Sri Lanka for six years as a teenager, and fell in love with this beautiful island, rich in culture and history. As well as an amazing diversity of landscapes - from tropical beaches to misty mountains - it has a long history of artistic creativity.

Many products are made in the crafters’ own homes, using traditional methods passed down through their families over the centuries. Sarah buys most of the products direct from the craftsmen at the prices they ask, and hopes to preserve their livelihoods by supporting their craft skills.

The range includes simple yet distinctive coconut wood bowls; cushion covers woven by hand in an arabic pattern introduced in the middle ages by merchants from Arabia; paintings on recycled wooden panels showing buddhist themes inspired by the ancient temples of Sri Lanka; lacquer pots; bowls and mats ingeniously made from upcycled newspapers; elephant figurines and many other items.

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