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7 Greenwich Market London SE10 9HZ


7 Greenwich Market.

Patch Hyde has been making fudge since he was 16. And not just any fudge, the proper stuff, made on a marble table and boiled in massive pots. It is woven into long logs and sliced while still warm on the table. This results in the smoothest, creamiest fudge you can imagine (and he imagines you imagine fudge a lot).

For those many years he worked with the fudge greats at Fudge Kitchen. While there he has made fudge for great and good, he has made fudge live on Sunday Brunch and Cbeebies, he staged an award-winning comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival about life in a fudge shop. He tried to work out how many batches of fudge he has made in his life but then he got confused when he forgot to carry the one and settled on the number “lots”. Basically, he’s pretty legit when it comes to boiling sugar.

Now with the help of the fine people at Fudge Kitchen and the faith of the good people at Greenwich Market he is bringing proper fudge to London. From the start of July 2018 he will open his very own shop in Greenwich. It’s called the Fudge Patch and he would love you stop by and see traditional, slab fudge made, try and few samples and possibly buy a slice or two.

He is great at making fudge but bad at doing business things, so he would like to thank his mum and his girlfriend who have listened to him complain about filling in forms and generally been the best two ladies a boy could know.

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