The Sausage

In a nutshell, great taste, stunning smell and spectacular size!

At the market
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
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1. Rumour has it, it’s the longest sausage in London - over 12 inches long!

2.You can have it either hot or cold ( as it has been already smoked!)

3. It’s all about MEAT! ONE sausage contains UP TO 300g. pure meat.

4. Made of 100% high-quality meat. We do 2 types. PORK - classic and CHICKEN - made of pure chicken breast.

5. Natural spices, carefully selected. To name but a few: freshly ground black pepper, garlic, cardamon and coriander.

6. That’s how we serve it: Freshly baked, crispy tiger baguettes, sweet gherkin, fried onion and selection of sauces - and the sausage, obviously!

This is most traditional polish food. Pastry with white cheese and potato filling. Served with fried onion and soured cream.

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