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Handmade Slippers and Socks in Special Designs

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Greenwich Market - 3 Greenwich Market Greenwich SE10 9HZ

My wife worked at a very intense pace in a university hospital for 18 years. She worked all day without rest. She was working with classic hospital slippers clogs or sneakers. I thought about ways to work more comfortably throughout the day and decided to use this special sole that provides maximum absorption against impacts and triggers all the main muscles from the calves to the hips, back, and abdomen. I made these special sole slippers more fun with stylish patterns.

We felt the difference from the first moment we put them on our feet by activating our muscles from our calves to our hips and abdomen, thanks to the Air Clogx-based slippers with increased resistance to impacts and the special heel system while walking. At the same time, thanks to its non-slip sole, we used it safely at home, on the street, and at our workplaces on wet floors.

We opened a shop in Greenwich Market in England. While selling our products in our store, we became a member of a valuable platform such as ETSY, with the idea that these stylish and comfortable slippers should be worn all over the world. Now we hope it will be worn and admired not only in England or London but all over the World.

We want people to wear Air Clogx slippers with anatomical structure, comfortable, healthy, non-slip soles, at home, at work, at school, at beauty centers, on the street, everywhere, and by anyone.

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