Ttraditional incense.

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The raw ingredients of Ume’s traditional incense: precious Chinese medicinal plants, spices, tree barks, seeds and saps, are imbued with thousands of years of development.

The solid stick incense is made from absolutely pure aromatic plant material and is crafted by hand using artisanal techniques. The exact composition of these fragrant masterpieces, often take years to achieve. It is this love and passion, and look for in the producers to collaborate with.

Ume incense can be used in creating a fragrant space for meditation, yoga and relaxation; and to purify the air in the home, office or when travelling. Since ancient times, accompanying calligraphy, tea, flower arranging & antiquities, incense has been revered as one of the esteemed Chinese art forms. In Taoist, Buddhist and folk rituals, incense is used in prayer and to make dedicated offerings in ancestor worship. Ume represents an opportunity to explore such ancient practices, presenting them in a contemporary context.

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