A new pop up in Greenwich Market

We welcome Rachael Monks to Greenwich Market!

Rachael creates original abstract artwork using alcohol inks on synthetic paper. Starting in 2019, while studying Psychology at University, Rachael realised she needed a creative outlet. She explored the type of art known as fluid art and fell in love. Ever since she has been improving her skills and techniques in this medium. 

She is drawn to a darker palette generally, but loves using bright colours and metallic inks to lift a piece as well! Creating her art, as cliché as it sounds, is therapeutic and allows her to just flow with the colours and shut off from the outside world for a moment.

She also enjoys working with her clients to create custom pieces that are unique to their homes!

Viewing art has been shown to release the same chemical as when you fall in love. So come view her artwork and get your hit of dopamine!

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