My name is Ben Oakley from Ben Oakley Gallery an independent contemporary art gallery in Greenwich Market South East London, we opened in 2010 with a mission to create a platform and nurture emerging artists, which we have been privileged to do over the years, encouraging and offering many local artists their first exhibition in a gallery. During our time here we have attracted established artists too, as they recognised our positive, freethinking & hands on approach. 

One such established artist/Kinetic Sculptor is Giles Walker. Every piece he builds has an edge an exciting dynamic, there’s thought and depth behind all his artworks and they are very accessible to the everyman.

After being blown away by ‘The Last Supper’ a truly unforgettable installation by Giles, that ran along side the ROBOTS exhibition at The London Science Museum in 2017. Please take a look at the link below to see the quality and detail the works entail. 

Fourteen months ago I was approached by Giles and given the unenviable task to curate ‘MONSTER’ his most ambitious installation to date. The installation will be made up of sixteen animatronic figures, three of which are four and a half metres in height. All set in a Georgian Warehouse on the Thames in Greenwich.

Numerous meetings and organising including building some of the sculptures already we have launched a Crowd-funder on with some truly exciting rewards. (link below) 

It is important that it gets completed and with your support you will enable us to secure the Warehouse, river boat, help with the further production /PR & most importantly the final build costs. This will enable the Artist to make a piece of art that is uncensored un-compromised & unmediated, something we can all see for free. 

We are looking for part/full sponsorship and further exposure as we truly believe this will be an internationally recognised piece of work as per the Last Supper. Being part of it at from the beginning and happening in Greenwich means everything to us.

For further info please email

Many Thanks Ben

Monster Fundraising

LAST SUPPER video link

Monster sculpture video link above

MONSTER - Giles Walker’s most ambitious exhibition yet. A huge, immersive, animatronic sculpture installation. | Check out 'MONSTER' on Indiegogo

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