Crosstown’s Tim Tam & Lamington flavours are back

Crosstown’s famous Tim Tam and Lamington (the ‘Lamnut’) doughnuts are back for Australia Day 2020 – with a portion of sales going to WIRES’ emergency fund for animals who have fallen victim to the tragic bushfires across Australia.

Tim Tam: Crosstown have shipped in a mountain of Tim Tams straight from Aussie shores. The Crosstown Tim Tam doughnut features Crosstown’s cocoa sourdough filled with a chocolate custard made from Tim Tams, topped with a Tim Tam milk chocolate ganache and crushed Tim Tam pieces.

Lamington: The beloved lamington doughnut (aka the Lamnut) reimagines a classic lamington in Crosstown doughnut form. Featuring Crosstown cake dough with a layer of homemade raspberry jam through the middle, dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in desiccated coconut.

​The limited-edition flavours are available now for pre-order by visiting

WIRES donations are as follows:

50p from each Tim Tam and Lamington doughnut

£1.50 from each Australia Day 6pk Box

£3.00 from each Australia Day 12pk Box (available for pre-order now)