Doing Veganuary?

New Year, new decade  - will you be embracing a new lifestyle too?  January is Veganuary  - a month when people are invited to try vegan lifestyle choices - from food to skincare to clothing to the tyres on their car. Since this campaign started in 2014, the interest in veganism has exploded with many restaurants and shops offering vegan options. Celebrities and influencers have talked about their vegan choices including Simon Cowell, Lewis Hamilton, The Wiliams sisters, Bill Clinton, Will.I.AM and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Maybe you have already chosen to follow a vegan lifestyle or are thinking about what changes you can make - either way the Greenwich shops and restaurants  can help you on your journey.  

Where to start?

Start with a cup of coffee (or tea) without normal milk. When buying a cup of coffee in Greenwich Market, ask for soya milk or oat milk at the popular Ideal Espresso stall.  Or choose tostart your day with a zesty freshly squeezed juice from Turnips


Feeling hungry?

Chickpeas, lentils, beans, rice, vegetables and fruit are all energy packed food sources. Visit our street food stalls - for a spicy meal visit the Red Tent Ethiopian Vegan stall in the market. Or stop by  Vegan Garden London for salads brimming with crunchy fresh vegetables in your salad or a comforting quiche or pie.

Want pizza? No problem, try the vegan pizzas at  Plant Powered Pizza LDN - find them every weekend in the market. Prefer a burger? Many local restaurants have vegan options.  The Plant Burger from Honest Burger is very popular.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner - so much choice 

Porridge or an acai bowl for breakfast from Grind's,  a Jackfruit salad bowl or Mushroom Wellington from Bill's or Sticks'n'Sushi - From the Green Kitchen menu (page 17) will all tingle the tastebuds.

And check out the vegan options at local bars and restaurants - The Rivington, The Mitre, Gipsy Moth, Goddards' Pie and Mash and  Sail Loft along the river - great views too!  


Now, something sweet, please!

The Fudge Patch - all the handhmade fudge here is vegan. Patch is the charismatic owner and he and his team make their fudge with Good Hemp Seed Milk, which tastes fantastic, makes good fudge, is sustainable and carbon positive.  They put on a great show too - catch them making for great entertainment and you can taste the fudge for free!

Dark Sugars  has recently opened on Nelson Road, selling beautiful artisan handcrafted chocolates made from Ghanian cocoa beans as well as scrummy hot chocolate.

If you are a doughnut lover, pop into Crosstown Doughnuts inside the Market, be tempted by Ruby's London beautiful array of cup cakes and very special occasion cakes and not forgetting Arapina's savoury and sweet treats.


Skincare and treatments - just glow with it!

Elementary Beauty - is the new skincare and haircare shop in the market on Turnpin Lane. Check out their vegan friendly brands.

My Detox Diet - will put together a balanced vegan food plan for a week or a month with lots of vegan juices and  little me-time treats like detoxing facials.

Nova Aesthetic Clinic - an award-winning clinic, offering non-surgical treatments


Wellness - keep your body fit and healthy

Join Greenwich Pilates Studio!


To keep you focused, join Vegan groups on Facebook:

South East London Vegans

London Vegans

Vegans of East London

Follow Vegan Society 


More info about what is VEGANISM

Veganism is an extreme form of vegetarianism, and though the term was coined in 1944, the concept of flesh-avoidance can be traced back to ancient Indian and eastern Mediterranean societies. Vegetarianism is first mentioned by the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras of Samos around 500 BCE.