#GreenwichMarket – the new normal - a place of reflection

“Research shows that times of quiet reflection benefit mental and physical wellbeing. It is easier to relax in familiar environments, as in such places there is less effort involved in processing information about the space around oneself, due to much of it being stored in memory already. Therefore to truly relax, don’t go somewhere new, go to somewhere you know and love,”  advises Dr Oliver Robinson, Academic Portfolio Lead for Psychology, School of Human Sciences, University of Greenwich

More than 90 images, posted on Instagram #greenwichmarket, tell an insightful story of lockdown created by a local community.  Uploaded by residents - musicians, dancers,  yogis, athletes, artists, architects, cyclists, traders and families - each image captures the photographer's daily mood set against the stunning backdrop of Greenwich Market.  The photographs range from joyful and uplifting to thoughtful.   All would have been unimaginable amongst the hustle and bustle of the Market  just 8 weeks ago.

Don't you just love Greenwich Market?