Meet the Makers: Moia’s Antiques

Moia Hetherton, pulling up a chair to chat over tea with a fellow trader, is the heart and soul of Greenwich Market. Her proudly displayed tables of antique figurines, cut-glass candleholders, commemorative plates and other antiques, her love of conversation, and her deep-rooted dedication to trading epitomise what this place is all about.

Some two decades beyond retirement age, she could be forgiven for packing her wares away for good and putting her feet up. But, adamant she’s not nearly ‘ready to stay home’ and forego the bustle and bonhomie of this vital hub of Greenwich life, she happily sets out her eclectic treasures every Thursday, waiting to see who’ll drift by and fall in love with some special thing.

Moia’s always delighted to stop and chat with her customers, giving them the backstories of the wonderful range of ephemera on sale. From china dogs to porcelain figurines, collectible coins and royal memorabilia – there’s always something for eagle-eyed collectors to cherish. Until 2001, Moia ran her stall with a partner who specialised in royal collectibles. Since he sadly passed on, there’s fewer royal items on display. Some coins and commemorative plates are usually still on show.

Having set out her trestles for 22 years, Moia’s seen more than her share of famous bargain hunters. From iconic Coronation Street characters such as Mary Taylor, Dev Alahan and Norris Cole to Easternders’ Joe Absalom and Deptford’s Danny Baker, plenty of celebrities have dropped by to browse her varied spread of bric-a-brac.

Perhaps the market’s longest-serving trader, Greenwich local Moia is not even close to retiring. If you’re down there looking for a bargain on any given Thursday, make sure you stop by this Greenwich Market icon for a chat and a chance to snap up something precious.

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