Meet the Trader - Plant Powered Pizza

Meet the Trader stories is about introductions of our traders and shop owners, and for our lovely customers to get to know our independent businesses better.

We kick off this year with a well-known stall to so many (vegans and whoever loves pizza) - Plant Powered Pizza stall, established by Matthew Smith. 


Here is what Matt has told us:

What has prompted you to start your business?

I went vegan, and there wasn’t any good ‘cheesy’ vegan pizza out there. So I started the business with that idea in mind to give those who want that option what they want. 


How long have you been trading now?

Since we started at Greenwich in 2017


Why did you choose Greenwich Market?

I had come to the market many times as a customer and I loved the food on offer, plus the local area is so unique, there’s no where in London that feels like Greenwich does.


Do you live locally?

I live 15 minutes walk from the market, just off Deptford High Street


What does your stall sell?

We sell all things vegan, fried chick’n, fries and fresh pizza!


What is the most popular product/ item/ dish on your menu?

Definitely our Woodland pizza! People love the potato on pizza indulgence. 


What is the strangest request you had from a customer? (or something that made you laugh)

People have a hard time saying jalapeños. 


What do you like about trading in Greenwich Market?

The money! Haha just kidding. Definitely the best community of traders, managers and customers out there.


What did you do during lockdowns and how do you feel about the future (post-Covid-19)?

I did a lot of online gaming, ate a lot of pizzas and burgers. A bit too much to be honest. 


What stall would you suggest trying to visitors/ your customers? 

Ideal Espresso for your coffee desires!


Follow and definitely try Plant Powered Pizza next time you are visiting the market!

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